The one where I talk about Lent

So, I did not grow up in a traditional church that focused on Lent and Ash Wednesday. But, I was always taught about the importance of fasting and how that could help my spiritual growth. Over the past few years I have partcipated in Lent on my own and found it to be an enriching experience. This year, I was having a hard time coming up with something to do for Lent when I read a very interesting article that suggested adding something to your daily life that is good and healthy instead of just giving something up. So while I am giving something up (limiting my eating out to one time a week), I have also added a new daily Bible reading plan that focuses primarily on Lent. (Thank you I also decided to write on this blog everyday during Lent.

Why make this part of my Lent? Well to be truthful, I love to write but find it hard to get motivated to do it consistently. One of my favorite blogger’s Rachel Evans made the point that her blog traffic increased the more she wrote on it. Also I find myself only wanting to write when I feel good about something or want to prove a point on a specific subject. When I’m feeling insecure and depressed I don’t write. I don’t write because I’m afraid of appearing weak and vulnerable even if it just to the 2 of you that read my blog regularly (hi Jena and AJ). By forcing myself to write everyday I think I will also force myself to be honest about ALL I’m feeling and experiencing.

So here is the first day…an explanation. Who knows what tomorrow will bring! I hope when Lent is over I can look back and track my growth. Until tomorrow then!


PS I love when I get comments on Facebook but I also love getting comments on the actual posts, so keep them coming!


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