The one where I talk about music

I’m going to be honest. This is old. I posted this as a facebook note awhile ago. But I did go back and edit some things before publishing it. Also I said I would post everyday, not that I would write something totally new everyday. =) See how I did that? Anyway this albums are not just my favorites, but albums that have had some sort of impact on me. Enjoy!

20. Sara Grove – All right here
Sara writes some of the most rich and thought provoking lyrics. You can so tell that she was an English major (while attending Evangel University the same school that I went to) because each line is like a full course meal.

19. Norah Jones-Come away with me
her voice has the capacity to soothe my soul. also her hair is amazing

18. The Elms – The Chess Hotel
this album makes me want to live in the mid west so I can blast it while driving down a country rode with the windows down. That’s pretty powerful stuff to make a Jersey girl wish that.

17. Jon Foreman-Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall EP’s
These all count as one because if you take one away the story is incomplete. To understand how much I love these albums let me say this: Jon Foreman takes the things I don’t know how to say and puts them into the most beautiful lines and pairs them with the most beautiful melodies and manages to break my heart and put it back together all at the same time. wow

16. Dc Talk-Free at last
My sister got the tape when she graduated from 8th grade and i memorized all the raps…except for the song “I Don’t Want It”. My mother thought it was inappropriate for a 7 year to walk around singing “I don’t want your sex for now” go figure.” Toby Mac, and the mac is back no slack!”

15. Superchic(k)-Karaoke Superstars
Makes me remember coming back from Creation Music Festival and finding out AJ and I had discovered the same band while being in 2 different states. So much fun and just silly girl power stuff.

14. The Civil Wars- Barton Hollow
the only way to describe this album is hauntingly beautiful. I am so excited this band is gaining a new following. they are amazing!
13. Kelly Clarkson-Breakaway
This album makes me wanna drive in my car with all the windows down singing at the top of my lungs. Every type of break up song is on here…I’m sad you left me, I’m glad I left you, I’m angry you left me…etc

12. Third Day – Time
The group that was my introduction to christian music. I love Mac Powell’s voice.

11. Once – Original Movie Soundtrack
hauntingly beautiful. I cry whenever i hear it

10. Coldplay-A Rush of Blood to the Head
no words. Chris Martin owns my soul

9. The Beatles-Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Just when you think this album can’t get any better along come “A Day in the Life” to blow your mind

8. Maroon 5-Songs about Jane
I would give pretty much anything to be Jane…and to have Adam Levine sing to me

7. Leeland-Sound of Melodies
makes me want to fall on my face before God and just lay there for awhile

6. Hillsong-This is Our God
Has the power to calm me down no matter what has just happened

5. Relient K-Two lefts don’t make a right, but three do
I can’t listen to this without smiling. Also could the song Over thinking be any more about me?

4. John Mayer-Continuum
Stop this Train and Slow Dance in a burning room are songs I cannot live without

3. Switchfoot – The Beautiful Letdown
Perfect album. AJ and I spent many youth group trips screaming these songs at the top of our lungs…and annoying everyone in the van.

2. Across the Universe:Original Movie Soundtrack
Some of the best covers of Beatles song I’ve ever heard

1. The Beatles-Abbey Road
This is the perfect album from start to finish. If you start to listen to one song you must finish the whole album because they flow so perfectly. This album is so great I have to include the whole thing when I make a Beatles Mix…it’s impossible for me to pick my favorites from it. I can’t express enough how amazing this album is…if you don’t own it buy it. If you do own it you already know

As you can tell the Beatles are my favorite band. One of these days I’ll rank just their albums. Until then I’ll end with one of my favorite Beatles lyrics lines from a song called funnily enough “The End”

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”


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