The one where I’m getting ready to go to Kansas

I know it’s a short post today but I’m being productive and packing for my trip to Kansas. My sister and brother in law are going to New Orleans and so Aunt Nell is being flown out to watch the L’s for 5 days. I leave Wednesday and those of you that know me know that it is crazy that I am packing tonight and not at 1 am tomorrow night. I’m a big believer in putting off packing until the last moment, but I got hit with the urge tonight.

Anyway I’m so excited because soon I will get to see these faces I’m sad I will only get to this face briefly

before she gets to go on vacation with Mommy and Daddy. (Not gonna lie though at 2 am I’m going be happy to just have the L’s) Anyway keeping up with my Lent goal of writing on here everyday is going to get challenging over the next week, but hey if it was easy I wouldn’t have chosen to try it! Have a great night everyone!



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