The one about my flight survival guide

So I leave tomorrow morning at 6 am to fly into Kansas City followed by a 3 and 1/2 hour drive to Andover where my sister lives. How do I plan to survive the plane ride and car ride? With the essentials of course.

1) My kindle: I downloaded a bunch of books from the library as well as some more free classics from Amazon. It’s so small and compact and makes traveling with books so much easier! I love having choices when I read.

2) Two hardcover books: There is a period at the beginning and the end of each flight where all electronic devices must be turned off. This includes kindles. So I’m taking the non fiction and fiction books I’m currently reading so I don’t have to spend a moment of my flight not reading.

3) the last two issues of Entertainment Weekly: Sometimes you don’t want to focus on something as heavy as a book on an airplane so a magazine is a perfect alternative. And what better magazine than one that focuses mainly on television and movies?

4) My ipod: on the airplane and in the airport I’m usually not even listening to anything since it’s hard for me to concentrate on a book while music is playing. But I put the earbuds in my ears to discourage any chatty people who want to be my new best friend in flight. Hey dude sitting next me, it’s 8 am…I don’t want to chat!

5) My ipod car adapter: this is obviously for the road trip portion of my journey. A four hour drive on one highway requires some podcasts and music to listen to. In a future entry I will write about the best podcasts to listen to while driving. But since I have to be up and on the road in 7 hours I will say goodnight for now!



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