The One about Podcasts

Today was so busy! The kids had swim lessons in the morning and then we took a trip to the zoo followed by naps, dinner, and now a movie before bedtime. Earlier this week I talked about listening to my ipod on long car trips. I find listening to audio books or podcasts makes long car trips go much faster than just listening to music. So along those lines here are some of my favorite podcasts to listen to, long car trips or not.

How Was Your Week?: This is a podcast done by the comedienne Julie Klausner and man is she funny! The podcast opens with her doing a rant about things she’s been thinking about during the week. This can range from tv she’s watched to whether Sting or Bono is more pretentious. She usually has 2 guests and gets lots of interesting people from the comic scene. What I like about her interview style is that she doesn’t always talk about whatever thing her guest is plugging. Instead she has guests make lists of their top ten favorite movies set in New York, or what celebrities they would be friends with. Imagine a conversation with your best friend and that is this podcast. I always laugh out loud while listening.

How Did This Get Made?: this is podcast where 3 funny people (June Diane Rapheal, Jason Manzukis, and Paul Scheer) along with a different special guest each week talk about movies that are so horrible they sort of become good again. The fine cinematic specimens discussed run the gambit of “Fast Five”, “Old Dogs” and almost every recent movie Nicholas Cage has made. Another laugh out loud funny podcast.

Comedy Bang Bang: This is a podcast hosted by Scott Aukerman. He usually has extremely funny people on that are usually from an improve background. Because of this sometimes you’ll see a guest name on the podcast but you won’t actually hear him talking because he’ll come on in character. Paul F Tomkins once did a whole episode as Ice T. Just fun silliness. What more could you ask for?

Those are my top 3 podcasts. Try one out!



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