The One where I’m trying to find something to write about

So….it’s been a crazy day. I really can’t think deeply about anything. I was woken up first at 4 am by Lily wanting to climb into bed with me, so I let her. Then I was woken up again at 6:30 by Lincoln wanting to get into bed with me. Then I got up at 7 to get the kids ready for school. I made it to the school and didn’t get lost! I dropped the kids off, went and got myself some breakfast courtesy of Sonic, and then went back to the school to go with Lily’s class while they went to visit kindergarten. It was really nice! The teacher seemed really sweet and I think Lily will really like it. After school we went home and I made lunch for the kids. Then we laid down for a nap (all of us lol) at 1:45. Lincoln slept until 3:30. Lily did not sleep and wanted to come downstairs at 2:30 but I made her stay upstairs until 3:30. Did I feel bad about that? NOT A BIT =)

Not gonna lie from the time after nap until dinner time it was Blues Clues on the tv time. I have a theory about not letting them watch tv during the morning at all because then I don’t feel bad about putting if on for a few hours in a row before dinner. After dinner and a chat with Pop Pop and Grandmom I gave them a bath. Now they are in bed chatting away. I’m giving them until I finish this post before going upstairs to law down the silent law.

It’s been a crazy day, but very fun. I’m looking forward to tomorrow where there is nothing we have to do at any specific time. I’m thinking about taking them bowling, but we’ll see how the morning goes. Anyway like I said there is really nothing of substance I want to write. All I want to do is stop writing and put in my sister’s blue ray copy of Downton Abbey season 2. So I’m gonna go do that! Have a great night!



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