The one where I’m packing to go home

So today was another crazy day. I took the L’s to school, made them lunch, put them down for a nap, and took them out to eat for a goodbye dinner. Now they are sleeping in the same bed, under strict orders not to talk. (we will see how well THAT goes) Jena and Tim are on their way home right now and I am beginning the “walk around the house looking for all the stuff that I left sitting around” time.

It’s been so fun being with the kiddos this past week, but I am ready to get home. If only so that I can start writing really in depth blog stuff. I have topics all saved up but at the end of each day I’m too tired to write anything! (Now I know how Jena must feel when she tries to blog) Anyway I need to go find my kindle (oy vey). See you all tomorrow!



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