The One about International women’s day

So I was ready to write this whole big entry about women’s day. I thought maybe it would get political because women’s issues have been all over lately. But instead tonight at 8:30 I got a call from my best friend Sam. Sam and I met our junior year of college. She was a member of the Concert Choir I had just joined. The choir went away at the beginning of the school year, a retreat of sorts, to learn our new music for the year. Over that weekend Sam and I bonded. I knew by the time we got back that we were going to be in each others lives forever. We skipped right over the awkward getting to become good friends stage and just jumped right into deep friendship. It was amazing.

Anyway now, Sam lives in California and I live in New Jersey so we hardly ever see each other, and due to the time difference it’s hard to find times to talk on the phone. But we do work really hard to stay in touch and we are usually pretty successful. Tonight seemed especially poignant. It’s not that we haven’t talked in months, we have. In fact I can’t explain what made tonight so special, it just was.

On this day where we celebrate women I want to celebrate female friendships. Women cannot survive in this world without each other. We lift each other and laugh with each other, and cry with each other. The world can frustrate me so much with how it treats women. The debate on contraception in Congress can INFURIATE me! But at the end of the day, I can talk to Sam on the phone for 2 hours and get off the phone totally renewed and refreshed. All because I had quality time with another women. So this international women’s day (I know it’s almost over but come on you can carry it over to tomorrow) have a conversation with a close female friend, and thank God you’re a women.



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