The One where I take TV to my desert island

So I know I promised after I got home from Kansas that I would write more in depth blog entries, but since Wednesday nights I lead a small group at my church this is going to be another quick list entry. I’ve talked about the books I would take with me, but the other thing I own a lot of besides books is television on DVD. So let’s imagine that I get stranded with a dvd player and an outlet. Here are the tv seasons I would bring with me.

The OC Season One: Oh this show, this show, this show. Let me count the ways I love you. Seth Cohen, Seth and Ryan’s relationship, Kirstin and Sandy’s relationship, Seth and Summer’s relationship, Seth Cohen, the fights, the drama, the love triangles, Seth Cohen, the music, oh and did I mention? Seth Cohen. With his nerdiness and his mumbling manner of speaking he stole my heart. The first season is the best season of this show.

How I Met Your Mother Season Two: season 2 has Robin Sparkles, and that is the major reason why I’d take this season over any other. Also watching Lily and Marshall’s trip to the alter is wonderful.

Veronica Mars Season One: This season was so cohesive with each mystery of the week folding so well into the main mystery of who killed Lily Kane. And yes I’m trying to act like Logan Echoll’s isn’t the only reason I picked this season. It was hard because season does have his legendary “I thought our love was epic” speech but overall season one is the better season.

Parks and Recreation Season 3: Only picking one season of my favorite show (see my first blog post) was so hard! I love seasons 2 and 3 almost equally. Any guesses on what pushed season 3 ahead? If you said because Adam Scott is in every episode whereas in season 2 he is only in the last two episodes, you would be absolutely right!

Downton Abbey Season 1: it was easy to pick this one because I don’t own Season 2 (yet) I can’t be on a desert island without a costume drama to watch!

Arrested Development Season 1: this was another that was so hard to pick because how could I not have all 3 season of Arrested! But in the end I chose season 1 not just because it introduces everyone so well, but because it has the most episodes.

Community Season 1: this show is a show you either get, or don’t get it. I can’t explain it to you if you don’t get it. But if I was on a desert island I would need Troy and Abed in the morning!

The Office Season 2: this is the best season of the show. The Injury might be the funniest episode of television ever (the one where Michael burns his foot on a George Forman grill) and Jim and Pam are at their sweetest.

well there you have…the tv I need to survive! Now I think I’ll pop in one of these season before I go to bed!


4 thoughts on “The One where I take TV to my desert island

    • faceparts says:

      I couldn’t pick one season of it! I have the whole series on DVD but I thought it would be cheating to say that. But you know what who cares I’m adding it. THE WHOLE SERIES OF FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS =)

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