The one where I am still

“Be still and know that I am God”

This verse has been in my head a lot lately. I wake up thinking it and go to sleep reciting it. It’s a hard concept for me to grasp sometimes.I love to talk (I know, shocking!) But lately I’ve been really focusing on the first part of this verse: be still. It’s hard for me to be still. I’m constantly going going going. If I’m not talking I’m watching tv/reading a book/listening to music or a podcast/talking to someone on the phone. I rarely let time just pass me by silently. I think God is waiting for me sometimes to just be quiet and be still so he can tell me something. That must be why this verse is in my head so much lately. So I’m going to listen to this verse and go to bed now. I’m not going to turn on my tv or listen to my ipod. I’m going to be still, and maybe I will know God in a way I never have before.



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