The One where I talk about my future choices

And by my future, I mean my future television viewing choices. I just got home from my good friend’s Chuck and Daisy’s house. (Hi guys!) Where we have slowly been making our way through the first season of Showtime’s series Homeland starring Claire Danes and Damien Lewis. (A very good and very intense show with some unnecessary nudity because it is showtime) Anyway watching it made me think about other shows I have always heard were good but haven’t watched yet. So here is the list of shows I’m adding to my watch list.

Doctor Who: Amanda loves this show and we have a lot of overlap in tv shows so I guess it’s finally time to give this one a shot. I’m not really into sci fi, but David Tennant is adorable so that is a start!

The Wire: I can’t read an article about good tv in the last decade without someone mentioning The Wire and how mind blowingly awesome it is. Mike Schur (create of Parks and Rec) as well as Amy Poehler rave about it, so that’s good enough for me!

Revenge: I love a good night time soap and the reviews of this one are stellar. Plus it stars Emily Van Camp and I loved her in Everwood.

Buff the Vampire Slayer: now to be fair I have seen a few episodes of the show. But I think the time has come to watch the whole thing in order. I mean come on, strong female character kicking butt and taking names, and Alyson Hannigan? I’m in!


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