The one about feeling alone

When I left college I left behind a wonderful group of really close friends. We all scattered to different places and time zones around the country and for some of them it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve seen them. When I came home I was so thankful for the friends I had here. But also felt really lonely for the friends that weren’t around. There was something so wonderful about having my girl friends right down the hall from me ready to chat when I was worried about something or going through a difficult time spiritually.

I decided that being at home meant I would just have to get used to my spiritual peer group getting very small; and that was ok. I had AJ, and my friends from high school. But still, I really missed those prayers warrior women in my life. Then I started going to a new church with a lot of women my age, and started leading a small group. I figured out that all over the Philadelphia area young people were surrounded on all sides by people and yet felt so alone. Story after story began with the words “I feel so alone sometimes” Hearing someone else admit she feels alone automatically makes you less lonely, because now you have that shared experience.

I still really miss my college girlies. But I am so thankful for my CityLife girlies that came into my life at exactly the moment I needed them the most. I’ve learned that we all can feel alone, but thankfully with God’s help we don’t have to stay lonely.



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