The One About Weather on My Birthday

Being born in March I never knew what the weather would be like on my birthday. March 19th is right before spring but living in NJ you never really knew if the weather would be spring like on that day. I can remember one birthday when my party had to be cancelled because of a massive blizzard. There was another year where my friends and I took pictures outside in just sweatshirts and jeans because it was in the 60’s.

This year I think it’s going to be a warm birthday day. It is in the high 60’s today at least (the day I am going out with my friends to celebrate!) I have to say I feel like the weather is my bday present from God. He knew about my mixed feelings regarding turning 25, so he decided to make the days leading up to that day as beautiful as possible. To which I say, thanks! I’m getting ready to get dressed and then it’s off for a night of Japanese food, a movie staring Adam Scott, and good times with good friends. I know it’s Saint Patrick’s day, but I don’t look very cute in green so no green for me today! Plus I’m Scottish anyway. If anyone tries to pinch me however, my Italian side will come and cut the gavone!. I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately (see my blog post about my future TV plans) so I think I’ll end this entry with the very British sounding,




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