The one where it’s my birthday!

It’s here! The day I turned 25. I am no longer in my early twenties. I am officially in my mid twenties. yikes! Actually it was a pretty good day. I woke up a little later than normal, and lazily watched some TV in bed. After showering I ran some errands and treated myself to pizza for lunch. Because it was gorgeous today (sunny with a high of 75 like the Relient K song!) after lunch I went to this local park that has this big hill with benches all around the top of it. I chatted with my sister for a bit and then read for 2 hours on that bench in the warm sunshine. (side note: it was so sunny and warm that the left side of my face and neck got sunburned as well as the tops of my feet! Seriously!) After the park I stopped at Rita’s for some mint chocolate chip water ice. Then I came home and finished the book I started at the park. My dad made me tacos for dinner (yum) and I started a second book. All in all it was a lazy day, but a good day.

While at the park I did some journaling that I’m going to share on the blog. I got the idea from my mom. She suggested writing down 25 things that are good about my life right now in this very moment. I’m not gonna lie, it got hard at some points but I did it! Some of them are silly, but here they are:

Twenty Five Things That Are Good About My Life Right Now

1. I’m healthy

2. My family is great

3. I have great friends that have been with me since high school

4. I have great friends that I met in college

5. I have great friends that I’ve met by leading a small group and going to a new church which brings me to…

6. I have a great new church, CityLife rocks!

7. I have a job. It’s not my dream job, but it is a job.

8. I have pretty good communication skills (at least the talking part)

9. I have a house to live in. Even if it is my parents’ house. they are kind enough to let me live in it rent free

10. I have access to 3 meals a day (with a lot of snacks in between)

11. I have two bookshelves full of books

12. I have a kindle full of books, an ipod full of music and podcasts, and a laptop full of…the internet

13. I have a car and insurance for that car (and no car payment since the car used to be my parents’ car)

14. I have health insurance

15. I saw Paul McCartney perform live! (still blows my mind)

16. I have seen 8 Broadway shows (and loved every single one)

17. I went to a 4 year liberal arts Christian University

18. I get to see a live taping of one of my favorite podcasts (The Nerdist) with a great friend (Amanda) on Friday

19. I live in New Jersey. Great food, access to 3 great cities, the shore, Italians. (love the east coast!)

20. I get to eat Rita’s later (I wrote this while at the park remember) and any other time I want this spring and summer

21. I have freckles (I love freckles. My favorite literary character, Anne of Green Gables, has freckles)

22. I’m funny and witty

23. I’m free which is more than can be said for a lot of women in a lot of other places around the world

24. The best is yet to come

25. God is control of my life

There it is! So I’m off to finish my second book of the night.



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