The one where I treat myself

On Parks and Recreation two of the best characters on the show, Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, participate in an annual day called “Treat yo self”. On this day they spend money or do activities that are purely for them. It is wonderful and hilarious if only for the fact that they get Adam Scott’s character Ben Wyatt to buy a life size Batman costume and wear it in a mall. Anyway, even though my birthday was Monday, yesterday and a little bit of today had some “treat yo self” parts to them. Here are the ways I treated myself. (no fine leather goods I’m afraid)

1. I bought an annotated version of Jane Austen’s Emma (see my blog from yesterday)

2. I bought Downton Abbey season 2 on DVD (heck yes!)

3. I bought this shirt online
(it’s a shirt called Doctor Hoo. the owls are all caricatures of all 11 men who have played the doctor. I’m really enjoying the show obviously)

3. I slept in a half hour later than normal today

the final act of my “treat yo self” day? I’m putting on Party Down season 2 (Thanks for the bday gift AJ!) and going to bed



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