The one about how I love being a nerd

Tonight my friend Amanda took me to a taping of one of my favorite podcasts, called The Nerdist. Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, and Matt Mira are always saying (seriously they said it again tonight) to not be ashamed of the things that you love. You know what? I’m not! I am a nerd! Amanda I spent the car ride talking about 2 things.

1. What I think of Doctor Who so far as well as my theories for future episodes (spoiler alert…I LOVE the show)

2. The Hunger Games movie and why the books will inevitably be so much better

I am passionate about things that some people might find nerdy. My friends actively spent time debating what would happen in the final Harry Potter before it came out. Chuck, Daisy, Drew and I spent at least an hour discussing the Sherlock series 2 finale (I won’t tell you what we discussed since technically I shouldn’t have seen it yet since it hasn’t aired in the states yet). If that makes me a nerd; I embrace it. I am a nerd!

I think you can be a nerd about anything; books, television, movies, comics, politics sports. I define being nerdy about something meaning that you find out EVERYTHING you possible can about a subject.

I have to work tomorrow so this is a brief entry. I will close with a quote that talks about the cultural acceptance of nerds while simultaneously proving my point that I am one. As the adorable Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) from Parks and Recreation says.

“You know nerd culture is mainstream now, so when you use the word derogatorily it means you’re the one out of the zeitgeist.”

Enjoy your burrito (if you get that closing you are nerdist podcast nerd)


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