The one about other blogs you should visit

Ok, so today is a short one. (Woke up at 2:30 last night and I’m trying not to nap because that will make harder for me to sleep tonight) Last night a certain artist told me that anytime I wanted to link to his blog I should feel free to do so. So I thought I’d make a list (very short list mind you) of some of my favorite blogs. These blogs are all in my google reader (which by the way you should use google reader I love it! And I’m also using a lot of parentheses aren’t I!)

30 x 30: This is Chuck Dillon. Chuck is a wonderful artist who does work for the Philadelphia Zoo, Highlights and Hifive magazine just to name a few! Check him out!

Rachel Held Evans: I talk about this blog ALL the time. Rachel wrote a great book about how she came through a crisis of faith called Evolving in Monkeytown  (read it ASAP) and I can’t wait for her newest book A Year of Biblical Womanhood. Rachel writes such interesting posts. She is doing an Ask A… series (ask a conservative, ask a Muslim, ask a Jewish person, ask a pacifist etc). Her Sunday Superlatives, where she links to blogs she read during the past week, keeps me adding new blogs all the time to my google reader.

Waiting for Go: If you know my sister I hope you are already reading this. If you don’t know her, she has 3 kids, 2 dogs, a cat, and a husband so she has a lot of wisdom to share! Get reading!

Stuff Christians Like: Come for the hysterical blogs about Christian culture (Jesus Juke, how metro is your worship leader, love offerings) but stay for the “serious Wednesday” posts which challenge my faith every week!

Sara Over the Moon: Sarah writes a lot of what some people would consider “radical” things. I don’t always agree with everything she posts, but I always respect how she has come to her opinions and the way she writes them out. I’m also in awe of how she has managed to keep her faith in the midst of some very serious life events.

Anyway those are just some of the blogs I read frequently. (Kayla if you are reading this I didn’t link to yours not because I don’t love it, which I do, but because I know you post about Olivia a lot and I wanted to make sure you were ok with me linking to it. My own nieces and nephew I couldn’t care less about =) Just kidding Jena! If you give me the ok I’ll go back and edit you in cause I love your blog!)


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