The one about television for children

I baby sat a lot through high school and even know in my mid twenties I’m around children quite a bit. There comes a point in the day when you’ve been taking care of a child, that you just want to plop them down in front of the television to give you a bit of a rest. I was just out at my sister’s for awhile earlier this month watching the L’s and here are some of the television I put on for them. This list is of shows that don’t make me want to rip my hair out when they come on, so it won’t include Barney or Dora the Explorer (shudder)

1. The Backyardigans: oh Backyardigans how I love you. This motion capture show is about 5 animals that have adventures while playing in their respective back yards. Why do I tolerate and even love this show? Because each episode has a musical theme (country, classical, 70’s rock) and all the songs sung in that episode go along with that theme. It’s not cloying and doesn’t talk down to it’s viewers. It’s just delightful. If you have kids and want to try this show out it’s all on Netlfix instant

2. Sesame Street: the classic. I love Elmo, Grover, and Big Bird. Sesame Street NEVER makes me want to tear my hair out

3. The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That: Martin Short is the voice of the cat and sometimes there are some jokes that you know were written specifically for mom and dad. (or Aunt Nell)

4. Mr Roger’s Neighborhood: I’m amazed at how the L’s will sit in rapture to watch this show even though there are no flashing lights and cartoon animals. Just an old man talking softly and his puppets. Wonderful wonderful show with wonderful messages.

5. Madeline: not the live action movie, but the cartoon series narrated by Christopher Plummer. It’s full of catchy songs and uses the same style in the cartoon that the original illustrator used. Love that old house in Paris all covered in vines!

This list does not include the best movies I like to watch with the kiddos (Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music are just 2 and yes the L’s love both of those movies), but most of the time TV is the option over a movie. If you ever have to watch a child and you don’t know what to do, I suggest one of these shows. And if you are a parent; what are some shows your kid watches that don’t make you want to scream in frustration?


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