The one where I’m not thinking ahead

I tend to over think most of my life. Where this gets me in the most trouble is when I have a lot things coming up I tend to stress about them way far in advance. I’m trying to get better at it, but that requires to me live semi in the moment which is REALLY hard for me. For instance. Next week is going to be crazy busy. My works hours are (for once) pretty extensive, I’m baby sitting for a family friend on the 2 days I’m not working, I have laundry and packing that needs to be done for my trip to Kansas at the end of next week (I know!), plus the other “house keeping” type of jobs that need doing. (IE loan stuff, paycheck things, insurance things etc). I know I need to just take it one day at a time, but I’m finding it hard to not shut down completely. I just want to snap my fingers and have it be next Friday because all the craziness will be over by then.

Writing this out has helped some of the craziness to go away. Before I started typing this I broke down everything I needed to do by next Friday and made a schedule of what I need to do each day which is helpful. Lists make me feel calmer that is for sure. But honestly? This is always going to be something I struggle with; I just hope I continue to get better at coping with it. With all of that saved, an important thing to do when you have a busy week ahead of you is to get a lot of sleep. So I will say goodnight.

Oh yeah, I can’t believe Easter is almost here! I’ve almost made it through my whole 40 day blogging experience. Wild!



4 thoughts on “The one where I’m not thinking ahead

  1. Lorrie Braddock says:

    I understand completely! As I’m just reading your 3/29 blog on 3/31 because I’m behind on my “to do’s”! I like to do lists too, sometimes I’ll even write down the stuff I’ve already done and check it off because seeing it in written and checked “done” makes me feel better about what’s still left 🙂 Just like reading your blog, I might not have gotten to it as planned, but I finally made it — [x]done!!

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