The one about Blue Like Jazz

Writing this quickly before I get back to my list of things to do. I first read the book Blue Like Jazz a few years ago, but I’ve read it many times since. Donald Miller wrote a very interesting book about his struggles in the Christian faith. It’s not just an interesting story though, it’s written beautifully. There is a movie version of the book coming out and from what I’ve read Donald Miller is very happy with it.

Apparently, there are some people boycotting the movie. I don’t really know why they want to boycott it, and I can’t be bothered to find out why because I think it’s stupid. The book is honest about one man’s struggles to understand the faith he grew up with. What better witness to a lost world than this? Plus, I don’t think we believers should be in the habit of tearing each other down. Fighting with each other is pointless and not worth it. I hope you all will go see Blue Like Jazz (google when it comes out near you, it opens in Philly April 20th) Here is the trailer.


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