The One about how today is so good

We made it to Kansas. I got many hugs from Edie and the L’s. I ate Chinese Food for dinner. We might go see The Hunger Games. But all of those things are just a small fraction of what makes today great.

Today over 2,000 years ago my death sentence was commuted. I have life because He gave up his. Sometimes I think we try to rush by Good Friday because we are so anxious to get to Jesus rising from the dead on Sunday. But it’s important to reflect on the magnitude of what Jesus did. How he was beaten and humiliated all for me. When he died my life truly began. And I am so thankful.

This is short because I really am finding it hard to put into words how I feel about today. I’ll leave off with the link to a wonderful song that really encapsulates everything I’m trying to say.


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