The one about waiting

Yesterday was Good Friday. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. So what is today? I think it’s waiting Saturday. A lot of the people involved in the Easter story were waiting on Saturday. The disciples were waiting in the upper room for the Romans to find them and arrest them as well. The women were waiting for the day they could go to his tomb to dress his body. And creation itself was holding it’s breath and waiting.


Waiting for that moment when the power of God could no longer be contained. Waiting for the moment when the earth would shake. Waiting for the moment when the stone would be rolled away . Waiting for the moment when death would lose its hold. Waiting for the moment when Jesus would walk out of the tomb completely alive.

But before Sunday could come, Saturday had to finish. I think all of us can be in a ” Waiting Saturday” moment sometimes. Where we can feel that something big is just around the corner. But it hasn’t come yet, and we are starting to wonder if it ever will. I’m in a “Waiting Saturday” moment in my own life. How I remind myself I can get through it is by looking at the followers of Jesus on Saturday. They were waiting, and had no idea that their answer was so close. Less than a day away, all their prayers would be answered. They were so close. They just needed to wait a little while longer.

Whatever ” Waiting Saturday” you are going through I want to encourage you in it. The wait is almost over. You are so close. Just wait a little longer.

Sunday is coming.



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