The one about guilty pleasures

One of my favorite people in the world is Amy Poehler. I read an interview with her once where she was asked what were her guilty pleasure TV shows. Her answer was delightful. She said that she hates the term “guilty pleasure” because if you like something you should just like it and who cares if other people think it’s lame. Weirdly enough I found this a very freeing sentiment and I no longer feel embarrassed to admit that I love certain things that other people would call lame or stupid. So with that in mind here are some of my NON guilty pleasures.

Top 40 Pop: It’s been very hot here the past few weeks and my car doesn’t have AC. Because of this I drive with all of my windows down which leads to some very cliche wind blowing in my hair radio blasting in the heat moments. The best music to listen to while indulging in this cliche? Certainly not The Civil Wars, Regina Spektor, and Adele (although I love all 3 of those artists). No I want some Rihanna, Britney, P!nk, and and Demi Lovato. If it’s in rotation¬† on the radio usually it ends up on my ipod in my Pop playlist. Sure most of these artists autotune the heck out of their voices and the songs are most assuredly not masterpieces. Who cares! They rock and I can blast them loud and dance like a crazy fool.

Young Adult Novels: Now this does not include Twilight (although if this is one of your not so guilty pleasures feel free to indulge, my best friend does!) But it does include The Princess Diaries Series and The Underworld Series by Meg Cabot. I follow a couple of blogs written by adult women who recommend young adult novels. Sure most of them have really cheesy plot lines and unrealistic love stories but that is what makes them so great! I just finished reading a book about the science behind how Evangelicals pray, and it was excellent. It was also really intense. After an intense book like that there is nothing like sitting down with a book where the heroine’s biggest problem is that she is love with her guy best friend (isn’t that the plot of 90% of young adult novels?)

The Real Housewives Franchise: Yup, I can’t flip past Bravo if those crazy ladies from NJ or NYC on the screen. Those two incarnations are the ones that I regularly watch, but I sporadically watch all of the franchises. Are the women crazy? Yes. Are they horrible representations of women hood? Yes. Are they petty and mean? Heck yes. Are the fascinating to watch? Oh my good Lord yes. Do I apologize for loving every minute of every show? No!

Those are just a few of my no longer guilty pleasures. What are some of yours?