The one about being a Jesus Feminist

Short entry today. In fact this isn’t really an entry as much as it’s an introduction. I have been following the blogger Sarah Bessey for awhile. Her entries are always so insightful and full of wisdom. She’s been working on her first book for awhile, and it just came out. The book is called Jesus Feminist and I’ll let the book blurb speak for itself.pic

Gender roles have been debated for centuries, and now Sarah Bessey offers a clarion freedom call for all who want to realize their giftedness and potential in the kingdom of God. Through a thoughtful review of biblical teaching and church practices, Bessey shares how following Jesus made a feminist out of her.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be delving into this book chapter by chapter. I’m really excited to read what Sarah has to say. What I love about Sarah is her quiet and gentle spirit. I tend to have a more “turn over the tables in the temple” kind of spirit when it comes to gender roles in the church. I think both approaches are needed and valuable, but I look forward to growing my more gentle side. I thought I would give my readers a heads up about this project so that if you wanted to buy the book before the series starts you had that chance. I haven’t checked my local library for it yet, but I know the book is available on Kindle and paperback. I hope you’ll buy it. Not just because I’m writing about it, but because I think this book may change your worldview. I hope this goes without saying, but I think this book is of equal value to both sexes, so guys please feel free to join in the discussion!

I’m planning on the first post about this book to go up early next week. Until then here is the amazon link to buy either version of Jesus Feminist.


3 thoughts on “The one about being a Jesus Feminist

  1. Nico says:

    I can’t wait to read your thoughts on this. I’ve always rankled at the idea of women not being fit to lead or be equals in any setting. I’m not even one of those girls who even minds the notion that men and women are DIFFERENT, because we are – but women have no less to offer than men, including and especially in a spiritual context.

  2. Tommy says:

    me ajudem eu ganhei uma cachorra da raca bigle e ela ainda e bebe estou cm muita duvida de qual nome colocar eu quero um nome que seja insaretsente e lindo,mais que nao seja nome de gente eu acho que nao fka legal.

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