The one about the winter blues

March is here! I love the month of March for multiple reasons.

1) Spring begins in March

2) Shamrock Shakes come back to McDonalds

3) It’s my birthday month!

Those who know me know that I am big fan of my birthday. But this entry is not about my birthday. It’s about how even though it’s already March 4, I still feel stuck in the winter blues. This is only natural when you consider that this past Monday New Jersey got hit with ANOTHER snow storm and sub zero temperatures. It seems that winter is not quite ready to let go of us yet. I feel as if the cold has seeped into my brain and frozen all of my thoughts. I tried to think of something to write all weekend and came up with nothing. The winter blues have gotten to me a little bit. Then I reminded myself of some very good news. This coming Tuesday my best friend, AJ, and I are going on a mini vacation to South Beach Florida! So now every morning I check the temperature in South Beach and I can feel the frozen sludge that is my brain slowly thaw out. (PS it was 78 there today; 27 in Jersey. I CANNOT wait to get there.)

Now I’m moving on from writing about my trip. I’m not the type to rub it in. I figured I would put up a few of the others things I do to get my out of the winter blues. (For the times you can’t jet off to South Beach of course.)

1) Fresh air: seriously your mom was right. Getting outside is good for you. It’s been very cold here but thankfully the sun has been out shining. Lately every morning I’ve been opening my curtains as wide as they can go and sitting in the patch of sunshine that comes through. Also on the way to work I’ve been putting my window down a tiny crack and letting a slight breeze come through. I’m usually so bundled up in sweaters and a winter coat that a little bit of breeze feel refreshing. It’s amazing how these two simple things clear my head and make the day seem a little bit brighter.

2) Exercise:  Again, this seems like a no brainer but really it works! Because there’s been so much snow on the ground it’s really not safe to do much outside except walk around the block. (Which I have been doing and also goes along with the fresh air thing.) But, I’ve also been doing the workouts that are free on my cable providers OnDemand. They are usually only 15 minutes and really easy. The perfect small step if you aren’t used exercising regularly or don’t have a ton of time in which to work out.

3) Happy music: I love all kinds of music but I tend to gravitate toward melancholy singer songwriters. Now I love The Civil Wars, Regina Spektor, and others like them. But honestly the mellow slightly sad music does not help me stay upbeat and happy. I’ve been using the Songza app on my phone and choosing stations like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Happy Pop”, “Ke$ha’s Dance Party”, and “Broadway Babes” as background music for everything I do. It’s really helping keep me in a good mood. I’m not a music snob. If I like something I like it and I’m not ashamed. Top 40 is great at chasing the winter blues away!

5) Candy:photo

One of the piano/voice teachers at my job gave me this today because she thought I could use a pick me up. She was so right! After eating these candies I could literally feel the chocolate working its magic on me. These are from Whole Foods. and are milk chocolate covered caramel sprinkled with sea salt! It’s the perfect snack for those of us who love their sweet with a hint of salty as well.

6) Books: You knew this one was coming right? I went to the library today for the first time in awhile and got a nice big stack of books. Nothing like curling up with a blanket and book while the wind roars outside to chase away the winter blues.

So how about your? Are you feeling the winter blues? How do you defeat them? Leave your thoughts in comments!


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