The one about fighting with the right heart

I shouldn’t read the news on my lunch break. I came to this decision last week when I sat down to enjoy my leftover pasta and saw a post on Facebook talking about the article The New Yorker posted with the alleged victims of Bill Cosby on the cover. It’s a powerful image that tells an important story. The comments under the article? I’m not going to get into it because I want to keep my blood pressure down but there were several very misguided, hurtful, and frankly misogynistic comments. I’m trying to get better about getting into fights on Facebook (they never turn out well and you never convince anyone to change their opinion.) So I texted a friend the anger I felt instead.

This friend wrote back what I at first read as a complete Jesus Juke (if you don’t know what a Jesus Juke is there is really no better explanation than the man who coined the phrase Jon Acuff in this post.) My friend’s response? “One day he will answer for it.” I would like to say that with this response I felt peace and grateful to my friend for his words. I would like to say that, but lets be real, spend any time with me at all and you know that was not my first response. No, my first response was more along the lines of rolling my eyes, heaving a big sigh and thinking “great thanks for telling me 1) something I already know and 2) trying to take the wind right out of my sails.” Continue reading