The one about how I used to think ______, but now I think ______

I used to think questions meant loss, but now I know questions mean true peace and love.

I managed to make it pretty far into adulthood without having a major meltdown about the faith I had held in my heart since I was 4 years old. Sure there were moments that made me pause and sometimes roll my eyes in disgust (the role of women in the church, dating rituals, and of course the whole concept of modest is the hottest). But since most of those issues were rooted more in church culture than in the character of Jesus himself I managed to skate through each incident with my faith relatively intact. Sure maybe it was a little bruised. But at the end of the day I was confident in what I knew. Jesus is holy. Jesus is love. Jesus is my savior. Jesus is my help and comfort.

And then something happened. Continue reading