The One about Searching For Sunday

Sometimes I really hate the church. This isn’t a shocking thing to say anymore. It seems like every day I see a different article posted on FaceBook that is some variation on this theme. The Church (with a capital C) can really drive people crazy. It has always been this way, but for a long time we had to hide that feeling in the shadows. We talked about it in hushed tones and used phrases like “of course I know not every church is like this” or “I mean, I’m going to keep going of course.” In the last few years we’ve been released from that silence and I think as a whole we’re seeing a lot more honesty about the struggles people have with the institution known as “the church”. This is good. Healthy. Essential even to our growth as the body of Christ. But, something happened along the way. I used to feel like I couldn’t talk about how I sometimes I hate the church. Now I feel like it’s more shocking when I say the following… Continue reading