The One about Baptism

I’m almost a week late with this post, but in this instance I truly do believe that better is late than never. Because the first 3 chapters of Searching For Sunday are so incredible that I could not just let the week go by without a quick write up. (Reminder if you need a brief introduction into what this book is about you can go read my co-leader Tika’s post on it right here.) Continue reading


The one that’s a little different 

You get broken down to the very essence of yourself 

You are the phoenix rising from the ashes

You’re sure you don’t have the strength

You do

You are a warrior

How could you have ever been afraid?

There are galaxies in your eyes

Life in your fingertips

Strength in your bones; mixed with dust that was dead until life was breathed on it 

And there you were

Fully formed

An ezer warrior

An eshet Chayil 

A woman of valor 

Rise up and walk

Come forth out of your tomb

Don’t you hear him calling you?

“Daughter” he says

“Come forth, I have work for you to do. 

That mountain?

Needs leveling

That ocean?

Needs calming

That city?

Needs healing

Take what’s in front of you 

It’s already yours 

My strength has been made perfect in your weakness.”

Weakness is strength 

Fear is joy

Last is first

 I stand up

Pick up my sword and go

I’ve got things to do


The one about letting go

“I’m giving this to you God. I turn the whole situation over to you. Except, I’m just gonna pick it back up again for a quick second. I’m not gonna carry it I swear, I’m just gonna hold it. Actually, now that I have it back in my hand before I hand it over can I just ask, what are you gonna do with it? Are you gonna do that thing I feel like you’re gonna do? Cause I don’t like that. I don’t want that. So if that’s what you’re gonna do I’ll just hold onto it for a little while longer.”

How do you do the thing you have to do when what you have to do is going to give you pain? Oh hi, welcome to the winter of my emotional mess (that’s a play on a famous phrase; bonus points if you guess the original.) But seriously, it takes a certain kind of strength to knowingly put yourself in a place that could be hard for you. A strength I’m not sure that I have. A strength that I think you don’t know you have until you do it. So waiting for the strength to come before you move is futile. But yet here I sit… Continue reading