The one where we wait

The chaos is over

The crowds have gone home

The streets are silent

The blood on the road has dried and turned rust colored

His body is lifeless

His spirit is gone

So they sit

And hide

The upper room is the home of their doubts and fears

“What will we do now?

Are we the next ones to die?

How could this have happened?

Was he truly who he said he was?”

The silence is deafening

It presses down with actual weight

The hope of the world



Now what?

We know the end of the story

But maybe, on this day

In between the moment where death seemed to win

And the moment we realized death had lost its power forever

Maybe on this day we should forget we know the end of the story

Put ourselves in the upper room

And wait

Like they waited

Not even knowing what they waited for

Not knowing their answer was just a day away

Their hope was right around the corner

If they had given up on this in between day

If they had walked away

They would have missed the moment of triumph that was coming

A moment that was closer than they could have ever imagined

Let them be a reminder to us when we wait

When our hope seems lost

Let’s not despair

If we listen

Really listen

Not just with our ears but with our spirits

We’ll hear our answer

Do you hear it?

In the oppressive silence

Do you hear it?

The sound of the earth shaking

A stone being rolled away

Gather yourself and run

It’s Sunday Morning my friend

Death where is your sting?

Hope is rising 



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