A Few Notes on Healing

“They offer superficial treatments for my people’s mortal wound. They give assurances of peace where there is no peace.” Jeremiah 6:14

Let the healing begin we say

As we ignore the bleeding

Let the healing begin we say

As we put a bandaid on a broken bone

Let the healing begin we say

As infection sets in

I want to heal. I want community. I want unity. And because I want those things, I want the difficult conversations. I want to set the bone even though the pain will be excruciating. I want to clean the wound with antiseptic before the bandage goes on. I want to make sure we heal correctly with no lingering effects we’ll have to live with forever.

Unity is not the absence of dissension. It’s dissension without destruction. It’s people disagreeing and not understanding the “other side” but loving each other so much we’re willing to listen and try. It’s being humble enough to hear things that get our backs up and open enough to talk to the person who seems on the total opposite side of us. 

This is our moment as a community of believers to actually BE the church. To model to those around us how to do life. How to live messily. How to disagree beautifully. How to sit at the table together with grace and humility. This is not a moment for false peace. A peace that says let’s just all hold hands and move on. People are frightened. You might think they have no reason to be…listen to them anyway. This election has shown what we’ve all known for a long time was the truth, we are deeply divided. It is folly for the church to pretend that the way forward is to move directly from the pain to peace.

We have to get out of our echo chambers of thought. We have to admit that we have made an idol out of the power that comes from American politics. My allegiance has no border. Love of country will NEVER be more than my love of God’s people. All of them. The ones it’s easy for me to love because I identify with them, and the ones that require more work to love because they seem so different from me. I will not settle for a false peace. I’m not afraid of dissension. Dissension at the table with Jesus at the head leads to true peace. A peace that passes all understanding. A peace that leads to genuine healing.

I’m ready for that kind of healing. Are you with me?

“You will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:7 


I Contain Multitudes

I contain multitudes

I am a living contradiction

I stride with confidence

I hurry along in uncertainty

I bend but don’t break

I fall apart at the sound of a word

I put myself back together in the next breath

I hold a grudge

I let things go

I believe

I don’t believe

I know myself

I know nothing

I am held captive by lies that feel like truth

I am set free by truth that feels like lies

I can’t do what I need to do

I don’t have the strength

I am capable of doing what is in front of me

I am the strongest person in the room

I contain multitudes

I hold on to this truth

Am I my fears?

Am I my doubts?

Am I my weaknesses?

Am I my strengths?


These things are all part of me

But they are the branches on the tree

The root of it all

The root of me

Is in the identity I find in the one who made me full of multitudes

The one who breathed his spirit into mine

The one who called me beloved

His love defines me

And I’m not afraid anymore 

It has space for all my multitudes

We march on