I Contain Multitudes

I contain multitudes

I am a living contradiction

I stride with confidence

I hurry along in uncertainty

I bend but don’t break

I fall apart at the sound of a word

I put myself back together in the next breath

I hold a grudge

I let things go

I believe

I don’t believe

I know myself

I know nothing

I am held captive by lies that feel like truth

I am set free by truth that feels like lies

I can’t do what I need to do

I don’t have the strength

I am capable of doing what is in front of me

I am the strongest person in the room

I contain multitudes

I hold on to this truth

Am I my fears?

Am I my doubts?

Am I my weaknesses?

Am I my strengths?


These things are all part of me

But they are the branches on the tree

The root of it all

The root of me

Is in the identity I find in the one who made me full of multitudes

The one who breathed his spirit into mine

The one who called me beloved

His love defines me

And I’m not afraid anymore 

It has space for all my multitudes

We march on


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